How To Cut A Square Bottle Video

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How to smooth glass edges video

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Replacement Carbide Cutting head for BOTTLE CUTTER ONLY


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Smoothing/Abrasive Stone 

​            180 Grit

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Cutting Rings Using Heat Gun For Separation

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Other Parts for Creator's Products

1 Pair Grid Adapters for Cutter's Mate Slide Bar.

$ 9.00 per pair.

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Rock Star Green

Need a new spring ? We have replacements available at a very low cost because we know, "things happen".

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10 Foot Long Roll.  30 Inches Wide

​Piper's Pattern Paper

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See our "how to cut a Square Bottle video at BOTTOM of page.

Beetle Bits Mini Replacement Ruler   14"

​Smoothing/Abrasive Stone

FINALLY... A device to quickly and easily turn old, empty glass bottles into Great Bottle Art, Shot Glasses, and Guitar Slides !

SO EASY - Simply set the stabilizing plug in the bottle opening, adjust the height of the score by turning the knob, hold the sides of the cutter firmly and then rotate the bottle while applying pressure. It's that easy!

YOU - WILL BE ABLE to cut tapered and straight bottles up to a depth of approximately four-and-a-half inches..and, of course, we have to add this disclaimer.. That the cool looking cuts of bottles that the Creator's Bottle Neck Cutter will do are NOT included :-)

TO BE REST ASSURED - 100% MADE IN THE U S A ,..and, of course, we have to add this disclaimer.. That the cool looking cuts of bottles that the Creator's Bottle Cutter will do are NOT included :-)

Made of Impact Resistant Polycarbonate (Lexan) , Brass Threaded Inserts, and Carbide Cutting Wheel.

U.S. Sales Only

Our smoothing stone is 6 inches long.

It is a half-round stone so it easily gets into the neck of a bottle. The Grit Size is 180. Perfect for smoothing those sharp edges. Works great with water to eliminate glass dust.

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Creator's Bottle Cutter 

$ 95.00  FREE Shipping U.S. Sales ONLY

The Glastopper 

​Black, Green, and Clear

​Pick your color. Easy to use.

             4 per set.